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Here you will find useful links to some of what we feel are the best sites that you will use most often.

Local News: Read your local news online, much easier and the dog can't chew this one up.

Search Engines: All of the top search engines conveniently located on one page.

Useful Sites: Our latest addition, it contains sites for your computer and computer needs.

  • Computer Assist: Morristown's only true full service computer store, from the fastest internet service installed to networking your business computers, they have it all.
  • AnalogX: A great site for those programs you can really use at a price you can really afford, FREE. A must site for cable modem users.
  • Grainger County Industrial Board: A great site for Industrial information for Grainger County Tennessee, as well as a good source of employer/employee regional information.
  • Carr Construction Company, Inc.: Premier Builder of Custom Built Homes and commercial buildings in Jefferson County for over 10 years.
  • Games, and ... more Games: Here you will fine two of the best sites on the internet for just about any Demo of the latest gaming software. If you are thinking about spending money on the latest game but you aren't sure if you will like it, check out these sites to download the demo to try it first.

Local Movie Listings from Carmike Cinemas

Awesome 3d editor



lycos.com has been removed from the search engine list because they support spyware/adware. Shame on you Lycos.


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